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"I've seen honest faces before. They usually come attached to liars"
Dark Goddess Gege
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07 31 20
Buffy - Gege
If you have found your way to my little corner of LJ then its because you know me in RL. Oh, you don't? Well then you are must be a Goddess at Writing. *giggle* Hmmm? no writing. Artist?? No art either huh. Oh! *lightbulb* you just want to make sure I'm not a crazy perv! *blushes* umm well...you might wanna run away....

1. I am so boring..no really! Oh! I do like a good rant and this is where I will do it. You will only be able to read it if your a friend though. :)

2.This is the account all my stories will be posted in. I write fiction, and sometimes really bad fan-fiction. I hope one day it will get better. :)

3. Icons are the blood that runs through my veins. I also love banners and wallpapers. I am still not very good at manips. They can be all be found here and My art will NOT be f-locked.

4. I love new friends. I do a lot of my commenting to various groups that I belong to, but still try and talk to my friends that try to get to know me as much as I can.

5. I am a self-proclaimed comment whore! Yes I know this. I literally bounce up and down in my chair when someone comments me :) Hey, I never claimed that I was not weird :)
08 01 10 (UTC)
08 02 10 (UTC)
*bounces* Hi!!!! Did you add me? *runs away to look* I will add you back if I havent already *giggles*
07 01 13 (UTC) - hey
Hello, new friend! I enjoyed your Booth Brennan vid on this page. What's not to love about David? The man just keeps getting better with age! He gets overlooked as an actor, but he can do it all, comedy, drama, angst, whatever - and he can direct (but he still can't sing worth squat.)

07 01 13 (UTC) - Re: hey
I'm glad you liked the video :) As for David and his singing, well everyone needs a flaw right? lol
07 01 13 (UTC)
*waves* I can't wait to look at more of your artwork!

BTW - I once referred to myself as a feedback whore and my friend Lady M said I was a feedback hussy: "Whores do it for money, hussies do it for free."


07 01 13 (UTC)
LOL..I like that :)
07 01 13 (UTC)
I should try to post it on my LJ somewhere. (I'm thinking the subtitle of my LJ but - it might get misconstrued?)

08 06 13 (UTC)
Hello. I found my way here. Because I love your icons you made of Spike for the Spike fan club. I am a artist and fan fiction writer too. Though as of late I haven't been working on anything Buffy related.:( Just my fics for the soap opera General Hospital.

I'd love to be friends!

08 06 13 (UTC)
*waves* well its nice to meet you. I'm glad you like the icons :) I have plenty other stuff around here. My fan fiction is mostly Spike/anybody but Buffy. It's not because I don't like her, I just can't write her without sounding way off. Maybe one day I will get her right. :)

I look forward to getting to know you and looking at your work :)
08 09 13 (UTC)
HI! You added me on DW so I was wondering if I could friend you here as well. I won't till you say yes.
08 09 13 (UTC)
no problem at all! :)
03 07 15 (UTC)
Hi! We don't know each other, but we have a friend in common (carlyinrome). She's one of my favorite people in the world, and I've been SO worried about her over the past few months while she's having to deal with insurance and medication issues. kita0610 and I decided we wanted to do something to try to help her through this awful time, so we're running a "tilt" campaign to try to raise some money for her medicine.

The donation page is here: http://tilt.tc/UixB

We're planning to keep the page open for the next two weeks, but please don't mention this to Carly yet. And even if you aren't able to contribute financially, I hope you can leave a comment on the donation page letting her know you're thinking of her!

Best wishes,
Holly (the nerd in the Star Trek costume)
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