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"I've seen honest faces before. They usually come attached to liars"
Dark Goddess Gege
Fic: Creating Dreams: The Beginning (Willow/Angel, Willow/Spike) 2/? 
08 09 13
Buffy - Gege
Title: Creating Dreams: The Beginning 2/?
Rating: FRT (so far)
Summery: Dreams aren't always what they seem.
Author's Note: No Beta'd. All mistakes are mine. I own nothing except the plot.

“Sleep walking?! That’s the best I get?!” Willow stormed into the empty library with Xander following close behind her. She through her backpack down in one of the empty chairs.  “Well what did you think Giles was going to tell you, Will? You don’t actually think that this happened do you?” Xander looked at Willow questioningly.

“No, yes, I don’t know!” She plopped down in one of the old hard wooden chairs.  She frowned at the skeptical look Xander was giving her.  “Don’t look at me like that! We’ve had praying mantis teachers, vampires, invisible girls, werewolves and lots of other stuff.  How is this any less plausible?”

Xander nodded his head in agreement. “Trust me I wanna back you up but there is just some things that aren’t right, even beyond the whole time travel thing.  Angel’s dead, like dead- dead, as in he’s not coming back.” 

How was it that Xander could look at her like that and she felt like she was doing or saying something wrong?  She wasn’t wrong.  She didn’t feel wrong.  She wasn’t wrong, was she?  Willow sighed as her brain began to really start babbling.

“Do you think it might be something to do with all those witchy books you’ve been reading lately?” Willow’s head snapped up and threw a glare his way.  “Yes, Xander, that could be it.  It’s all the candle lighting and floating pencils that has made me dream and sleep walk, or what-ever I’m doing at night.”  She picked up her backpack and stomped out of the library, and god help him if he followed her.

Willow fell back onto her bed.  She couldn’t shake this feeling that Giles and Xander were wrong.  She had never walked in her a sleep a day in her life.  Then again it wasn’t like her parents were around to tell her.  Willow reached over and grabbed Mr. Gordo from her nightstand.  Buffy had left him when she went away.  She cuddled the stuffed pig to her chest and cried.  She needed someone to talk to.  She really wished Buffy was here.  Willow rolled over on her bed and closed her eyes.  The crying slowly stopped as sleep took over.

“Well lookit what I found.  Thought I caught you once already, Pet.  I must be lucky, catching such a prize twice.”  Willow had woke up in the dark on a dense forest floor. Willow looked up as the blue eyed man from her dreams straddled her, and held her down.  She tried to fight him off but that only caused him to laugh.  She really didn’t like the way he laughed.  It stirred things in her, caused her belly to flip flop and not in the ‘scared this is the end' kind of way. 

“You just keep moving around, luv.  You might not like what happens.” The man tilted his hips letting his erection slide over her belly.  Her breath caught and she tensed her jaw.  She would not die like this.  “If you touch me I’ll scream.”

He looked down at her with a smile coming to his face.  “Bonus.”

Willow screamed sitting straight up in bed in the dark.  Her heart was racing a million miles a minute and only got faster as she pulled dead leaves from her hair.


08 10 13 (UTC)
OOH! The plot thickens!

Xander is being so dense. Poor Willow is in danger!

08 10 13 (UTC)
I'm glad you liked it :) At first I thought it would be too short to post but I couldn't help it :)
08 10 13 (UTC) - Friday August 9, 2013
User audela referenced to your post from Friday August 9, 2013 saying: [...] Spike, Angel, Illyria, Buffy, ensemble. Teen. Creating Dreams: The Beginning Chapter 2 [...]
08 10 13 (UTC)
This is becoming more and more intriguing!! Great job!
08 10 13 (UTC)
Thank you so much deary :)
08 12 13 (UTC)

Please tell me there will be more soon. Pretty please with sugar and a cherry on top?
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